You Can Find Me In ‘Da Club…The Block Club

Last evening, Nazura Haymon and I knocked on doors in the Middle Hill as a part of an effort of the Hill District Consensus Group (an organization for which Nazura and my wife work) to develop block leaders in the Hill District. Nazura and I were letting folks know about the upcoming meeting for the blocks encompassed by streets Wylie, Duff, Webster and Sommers. The plan is that at this meeting neighbors will share ideas about what we could do collectively and then later we can develop a plan of action. Personally, what I think is desperately needed is a place for children and youth to play. Unless I want to drive somewhere (an option not all parents have), the lack of space almost forces me to keep them inside and that has a bunch of other negative consequences (tv, video games, my wife and I going nuts, etc). It would be nice to have a place where the kids could play safe in a location that is visible from the house. So, a play space will be what I will be wanting to get energy around, but others will want other things, so that’ll be interesting as well. It was a clear night, not too cold and every door was answered by someone friendly, willing to talk and seemingly excited to do something. A good day.

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