Run, Hill District, Run!!

This past Saturday Rep. Wheatley hosted his 2nd Uphill 5K and while running this first 5k was  on the brutal side, the energy of the runners was great and it was a good time.  Special shout out to William Briscoe III, the Hill District resident who took first overall! The young man was in second place at the turn by no small margin, but he appeared relaxed and so must’ve walked the competition down not soon after that point. Ronald Romanoff of the 15206 took second for the men with Gerald Hunter, hailing from Garfield, placing 3rd for the men. The top finishers for the women were Melanie Robb, Patti Dunmire and Camille Clark coming from zip codes 15203, 15212 and 15237, respectively. No woman from the 15219 in the top 3 this year, so that might be a project for next year. The top 3 from the Hill went as follows: William Briscoe III, Christian Gabarda and Helen Perilloux . Christian placed 4th overall and Helen placed 12th. Nice work, folks. Your humble blogger placed 28th and ran the course in 28:02 and was quite pleased with himself. Good work, Just$. A special thanks to Kyle Stewart, Executive Assistant to Rep. Wheatley, for providing the information on who placed where in this second Uphill 5K. Check out the slide show below to see some shots of a few of the Hill Districters that were recognized the morning of the race…

UPDATE: Civically active Hill District resident Renee Aldridge gave me a little background that the first Uphill 5K held in 2011 was actually led by the Next Leaders for Green Communities and that James Myers, featured above, served as the lead or coordinator of that effort. Good to see the tradition continue and thanks to Renee for reading the blog and informing me as to the correct history of the race.

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4 thoughts on “Run, Hill District, Run!!

  1. Justin Post author

    that would be “oldest” nephew I do believe, Uncle John, give me my full old credit (-; Proof that you are right I am hobbling now, but I’ll be back!

    1. johnlow3

      No one, I mean NO one, least of all me, has ever doubted that you WILL be back–but it may take a little longer than it used to for the “oldest.”


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