Round 4 grants: Migrant rights, police violence, anti-racism campaigns…

So the last post was on the Edge Fund and what that might look like in the Hill District. This post gives some specifics on the process, dollars awarded and the kinds of programs that received support. Things to note here that we might appreciate and model in the Hill are the speed of reporting, diversity and transparency. Characteristics not easy to find in general philanthropy, my own practice not excluded, but God’s not done with me yet.

Edge Fund

chickpea facebook cover On Saturday 6 December Edge Fund members and applicants got together to decide on the allocation of funds between the final 14 applicants of Round 4. Around 60 people took part in the process, which includes short presentations, opportunities to have discussions with the applicants and then members and applicants voting (with chickpeas) to determine how much each applicant receives.

As usual, migrant groups did well in this round, and also there were a number of groups working on issues of racism in the criminal justice system, such as deaths at the hands of the police. Grants agreed at the meeting were:

  1. African Rainbow Family (£5,000)
  2. London Black Revolutionaries (£3,000)
  3. Manchester Migrant Solidarity (£3,000)
  4. Sex Worker Open University (£3,000)
  5. United Families and Friends Campaign (£3,000)
  6. Unity Centre Glasgow (3,000)
  7. Abortion Rights Campaign (£1,500)
  8. Coal Action Network (£1,500)
  9. Foil Vedanta (£1,500)
  10. Framework Inclusion UK (disability rights) (£1,500)
  11. Generation Revolution (film about…

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