Digging this view coming down Wylie Ave. Bomani Howze was the person I knew who really campaigned to connect Wylie Ave to downtown for the Hill’s economic benefits. I hadn’t thought about the aesthetic benefits. The reports that this connection has now been made are greatly exaggerated , but the plans are to get it to Washington Place, so I am good with this first connection to Fullerton.  I get a relaxing breath just going down this street. A piece of the Greater Hill District Master Plan that is coming to pass.

2 thoughts on “#BlackViewsMatter

  1. edna

    Sorry Justin the Hill District Consensus Group was the first to push for the street connection, we ask for Wylie and Webster

    to be connected to downtown, due to some problems Webster could not be connected, I think it may be in the master plan, all so Fullerton Street is spelled wrong it should be Fulton.


    1. Justin Post author

      Hi Ms. Edna, I was just saying who I heard it from, but I appreciate that context and I do think it is in the Master Plan. So, it was Fulton? Bonnie (my wife) and I were talking about it and she remembered it as Fullerton.


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