Reading Marx’s Capital

This is my current reading project. My eldest son, Kufere, gave it to me for Christmas at my request. And boyeeeeee: Karl_MarxLong sentences. Long paragraphs. 19th century economics. The piece is about 800 pp in total, so it’s Count of Monte Cristo length. And with the introductions, preface, postface it gets to a 1000+. So, a steep in hill 2017. David Harvey says it gets better if you can get thru Chapter 3 on “Money, or the Circulation of Commodities” and I’ve done that. Maybe the terrain will flatten for a while.

Back in the day, I read Marx’s Communist Manifesto. The call to arms I associate with Marx. It was written in 1848, the same year he participated in an unsuccessful attempt to overthrow the government in Germany and had to go to England where he lived until he died there in 1883. Capital is written in 1867 and, according to the introduction, is seeking to explain the laws of capitalism so as to provide the proletariat with more than rhetoric. Scientific truth.

Capital makes me hold a lot in my head at once. Money, commodities, circulation, value, use-value, exchange value. I’ll even whisper that 5 chapters in, Marx is not a very good writer. However, according to Harvey, the chapters of Capital use a format of thesis, antithesis, synthesis and you have to keep it in mind to understand it. We’ll see. I will check in here and process it from time to time.

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