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Wanted: Play Space For Children and Families

A week ago, children in tow, I passed out flyers on Wylie Ave getting a sense of and encouraging interest in a play space around Wylie Ave. This was the next step after our November, fledgling, 3 resident, block club meeting (see my earlier post “You Can Find Me in Da Club…the Block Club” for background) at which we discussed the lack of neighborhood play spaces and the possibility of the land that sits behind Wylie (actually Humbert) and is between Duff and Chauncey as a great play space for kids. In the couple of hours I spent door knocking last weekend, I heard that others are experiencing weekends with children at home in front of the computer or tv because of the shortage of play outlets in walking distance/eyesight. The good news is that the section of land in which we are interested is designated to be a park in the Hill District Master Plan (see page 106 & 107 of the plan on the Chauncey Street Steps) but a potential problem is that our Hill District Community Development Corporation (CDC) is planning to study this land for its feasibility to hold housing. We’ll be meeting with the CDC in part to get an understanding of how they interpret the master plan to even allow for the consideration of housing in this space.

Don’t get me wrong, we really do need more people and families in this section of the Hill. However, there is one brand new house on Wylie that has not been sold in the two years we have lived on this street and that’s a commentary on the neighborhood’s perceived livability. What needs greater attention is how to improve the neighborhood for the families, couples and people who are living here now. Case in point, while door knocking I spoke to a woman who is leaving the street in January because her family’s basement floods every time there is significant rainfall…

We will have another block club meeting in January and involve our children in the conversation about a park and how this neighborhood could become a better place for children and youth. A conversation probably needed Hill District wide.