Don’t Call It A Comeback


LL Cool J coined the immortal “Don’t Call It A Comeback” in “Mama said knock you out” because LL is hard as H-E- double hockey sticks.

Alright, let’s get back in the saddle here. Hillombo has sat idle while I have taken to posting more stuff on fb, writing a blog on my fraternity’s Black culture focused Saturday Academy “The Omega Dr. Carter G. Woodson Academy” and then recently have discovered instagram (@jdlaing). Not to mention that I have generally been a little distracted. All of these efforts either took real-time of their own or are just  easier.  So, I am going to try shorter posts that are less daunting to approach and/or figure out how to combine all of this into one place. For now though, with so much going on in the H-I-double, Hillombo is back, baby, it’s back!

3 thoughts on “Don’t Call It A Comeback

  1. Darryl T Wiley

    Glad you made it back Bro. I dont often comment, maybe never commented but I enjoy the Hill updates.


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